Thursday, November 18, 2010

Welcome to my first official Blog.  Today we had an appointment to look at a potential investment, it was a property down the street from us that was listed as a handyman special for $125,900.00.  We took my father and mother along, my father is a retired Electrical engineer, my mother an artist, we felt their input would be crucial in our decision to put an offer on the property.  Well the house was horrific, my father said its a tear down that it would cost more than $125,000.00 to fix all that was wrong with the house on top of paying for the property, then to add to that in order to connect to the town water and sewage was going to cost another $100,000.00.  Needless to say we passed but are still looking.  Our daughter, her boyfriend, and their son (our grandson) are planning to move near us next May, they presently live 6.5 hours away in London, Ont.  We are thinking if we invest in a fixer upper we could maybe have it ready for them to rent from us when they are ready to move.  Now that the seed has been planted I am excited about finding just the right property and being the Frugal renovator and decorator.

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