Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Our newest Grandson has arrived

We were awoken at 3:30am this morning by our eldest son Erik announcing his wife Melissa was in labour and had been for quite a long time.  He told us the babies heart rate had dropped so they were going to perform an emergency C-section.  We wished them luck and he told us he would call once the baby had arrived.  5:30 am and the phone rang, this time to announce that the baby a boy had arrived weighing in at 8lbs 5oz, he was in ICU as he had some fluid in his lungs but overall seemed fine, and Melissa was good but resting.  We asked if they had picked out a name yet, no Erik informed us it would have to wait until Melissa had a chance to see the baby before the name was decided on.  We already knew the babies middle name would be Daniel and the last name Burnie.  They were debating on either Jack, Gavin, or Oliver.  They didn't want him to be called Jack Daniels, but liked Jack, we told them Oliver was our choice as Ollie was a cute nick name, they were 70% stuck on Gavin.  We congratulated Erik and told him we would be at the hospital around 4:00 to check out our new Grandson and his parents.
The rest of the day revolved around taking the dog for a walk, running skates and a helmet over to the local Arena for our 14 year old Maxx (who forgot he needed them for gym today).  We ate some lunch (last nights sausage stir fry leftovers).  My husband coloured my hair while I read my newest (December) copies of Country Living and House Beautiful that arrived in the mail today.  At 2:40 pm Maxx returned from School and informed us he left his skates at school as the Teacher had got the days mixed up and they had to carry their stuff back from the Arena to the school as they would need them tomorrow. 
We then stopped in at Walmart to pickup some flowers for Melissa and a Winnie the Pooh Blanket for the baby from his Uncle Maxx (He had $14 left over from his allowance).  We grabbed 2 free coffee's and 2 maple blueberry pies from McDonalds on the way out of Walmart.  We drove to the hospital ( I had to give my husband CPR when he saw the cost of parking ).  Arrived at 4:00 PM visiting hours just started so in we went.  Melissa was lying in the bed and looked tired, Erik looked exhausted too (but what did we expect).   They had other visitors with them so we gave them hugs and congratulations.  The baby was still in ICU and there was no window to view him and we weren't allowed to go in (a bit disappointed we were so excited) but understood.  Erik had a picture he had taken on his cell phone so we got to see the baby who has a lot of jet black hair and a chubby baby face, a real cutie.  We stayed and visited for about an hour when Melissa's parents arrived and we decided to give them sometime with the new parents and excused ourselves and headed home.
My Husband wanted to celebrate so we went to a local restaurant called Tilly's Smokehouse and picked up Maxx on the way.  It was a nice dinner we all had deep fried pickles for the first time love them !!! (We had their 4-6 person combo plate for $22) it was a nice end to an exciting day.
Tomorrow we hope to learn the actually name they have chosen for our new third Grandson (We are keeping our fingers crossed on Oliver).  Yet which ever name they chose we will embrace it, and he will always know his Paw and Memaw love him.

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