Thursday, November 25, 2010

My Beautiful Fushia Pink and Silver Wreath

Today I attempted to make a wreath for my front door.  I started out with supplies I purchased at the Dollar Store and Walmart.  This year I wanted something a bit different, my colour scheme was Pink and Silver, so with that on my mind I went shopping these are the items I purchased. 

I didn't end up using it all
Used the silver wire tape $1

Used the bright pink Boa $2

Used the large silver star $1

Used the 2 flashing silver tinsil balls $4

Uaed the 3 open scroll silver balls $1

Used the 2 silver clip on birds $1

Used the silver garland $1

Used the 6 small tinsil balls $1

Used the natural twisted ring (Free)

Total cost $12.00 not bad for a wreath.

My husband didn't like the finished product he said it looked too Vegas with the Fushia Boa, he was expecting some topless dancing ladies to come out the door.  I myself like it, it is unique enough no one else will have the same wreath on our street and because its on the door I can decorate the inside in the more traditional Christmas colours of Red, Green, Gold and silver.  My husband never uses the front door anyway (I still love him even if he doesn't like the wreath).  I told him that we can always change it there is still a month left before Christmas.

Here is the finished product.

This one has the lights flashing (hard to see)

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