Saturday, November 20, 2010

Thinking outside the box

Went to work 9 to 6 today.  There was three of us Eleanor, Brian and I in Flooring/Decor and it was busy, I sold a lot of flooring, helped some customers pick out tiles and cut some blinds.  I work at Home Depot and they don't offer a staff discount on items, they do have other incentives and benefits, that being said I pay what the customer pays.  It was 5:30 PM and I was straightening up the drapery section and noticed a clearance box full of beautiful curtain tassels they were marked down from $10.00 to $1.00 and I started thinking they looked kind of Christmasy being red, gold, silver.  When I finished work at 6:00 PM, I decided to buy them all there was only 20 of them left and I figured they would make wonderful Christmas decorations.  I also thought they would be a neat way to wrap a present.  Of course my husband wanted to know why I had to buy so many of them (silly man).   If anyone has any suggestions on what I could use them for let me know.  I am going to add a picture of some of them to my blog.

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