Friday, November 19, 2010

Harry Potter Review

Well this morning we left the house just after our youngest Maxx left for school and headed to Kanata.  We got to the theatre at 8:30 expecting a lineup, surprise the theatre didn't open until 9:00 so we went and grabbed a quick Deluxe Breakfast Sandwich at Harvey's (Good thing the Owner is a good friend so they were free).  Then we headed back to the Kanata AMC and stood in line, chatted with a lovely man who had driven from Carleton Place like us, he had a British Accent but told us he was a true Canadian.  We got in and since it was the 9:30am IMAX show it was only $11 each Wahoo!  The Theatre was maybe 1/4 full when the movie started.  We brought our own pop and chips from home (but were so riveted to the movie never ended up eating them).  Now to the Movie itself.
Having read the book The Deathly Hallows I knew what the movie was going to be about.  It starts at the Dursley's home with them leaving ( I was a bit disappointed, in the book Dudley hugs Harry and tells him goodbye ) which would have been a nice touch in the Movie.  The ride from The Dursley's with the 7 Harry's was amazing and exactly like in the book.  They arrive at The Weasleys and skip over a lot of the wedding prep that was in the book.  The minister of magic visits and that was well done.  Bill and Fluers wedding went right to the reception and the outfits were beautiful.  I was a bit confused here (because in the book Harry is disguised as one of the Weasley's cousin) In the movie he was himself and I was trying to figure out if it was the rehearsal party or the wedding when the death eaters arrived and Harry, Ron and Hermoine are forced to aspirate.  The bottomless purse of Hermoine's is very well done, The visit to the ministry of magic is amazing and so much like the book (except Harry doesn't steel Mad eye Moody's eye off the door like he does in the book).  The three of them travelling is great and the scenery is amazing.  Ron leaving was well done.  Harry and Hermoine's visit to Godrich Hollow was beautiful and dramatic especially watching it at the IMAX.  Harry finding the sword and Ron returning was beautifully done.  Their visit to Luna's house was well done especially when Hermoine was reading the story of the 3 brothers (there was a cartoon depiction of the story similar to Tim Burton's movies).  I was surprised they didn't make mention the Horn (from the book) at all and it wasn't what blew up the lovegoods home in the movie.  Ron, Harry and Hermoine getting caught and their escape from the Malfoy's house with the help of Dobby was superb.  Harry Burying Dobby was sad and a lot of tears were shed in the theatre.  The movie ended with Voldemort opening Dumbledors casket and retrieving the elder wand.  All in All I thought it was fantastic, the special effects were awesome, The scenery was breathtaking, seeing it at the IMAX was well worth the extra $5.00.  The frustration now is not knowing when part2 will be released.
Our next stop took us to the Chapter's Indigo Book Store where we purchased many Christmas gifts and a few treats for ourselves, I used my irewards card and got 10% off and we were also given cards to scan where we could have got between $5 - $5000, we of course scanned only $5.  We can use them every time we go to Chapters before Christmas and next visit we are guaranteed at least $10.00 off.  $150 later we left Chapters and decided to stop at the new Michaels in Stittsville for a few goodies.  I ended up spending another $16 on the $1.50 items near the cash, got a great wall calendar for next year, wonderful note cards for stocking stuffers, and special recipe cards (for my husband to copy his recipe's on to give to our kids).  We then headed home listening to my husband Steve's new Andrea Botticelli's Christmas CD it is wonderful and moving I had tears in my eyes on a few of the songs.
Now time to relax in front of the TV and watch the Ottawa Senator's vs The St Louis Blues.  Go Sens Go

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