Monday, November 22, 2010

Christmas Shopping at the Ontario Police College

This year I decided no more gift cards.  I am tired of our tree looking bear because the majority of the gifts are gift cards hanging from the tree branches.  I know sometimes it is easier to give gift cards than an actual present because we are worried the person might not like what we bought.  My husband thinks maybe we should ask our family and friends what they would like first. This year I have decided I don't care, if they don't like it they can take it back or regift it, this year I want presents under my tree. If I see something that I think they would like or would look nice in their home I am buying it.
That was the way I remember Christmas growing up, picking out the perfect gift for someone special, or even making gifts, then watching the person's face as they opened it.  I explained to my loving husband it doesn't mean I have to drag him through mall after mall or store after store looking for the right gift, maybe just a few stores to get him in the spirit.  This year I have decided the majority of my shopping will be done in the most amazing shopping mall called the Internet Wahoo !!
My first stop will be The Ontario Police College Tuck Shop to buy some great t-shirts, hoodies, baby & kids clothing, gift ware, police supplies etc... for two of our sons, one who is a Police Officer and the other who is trying to become one ( I may even sneak in a gift for my Hubby, thier wives and our grandsons ).  Having worked at the Ontario Police College store ( It was the best job ever, I was amazed they paid me it was so much fun) I know the manager and her co-worker personally, they are the best and I know they will get me a good deal when I call. Joanne and Georgina have worked there forever and are truly amazing.  Here is the website for those who are interested in these types of items .  If you live in the Aylmer (London) Ontario area you can go to the Ontario Police College and shop as a guest.  If not you can order online or call and place an order the best part no matter how much you order its only $10.00 for shipping. 
I just love shopping online, I used to be a big ebay shopper until the shipping prices from the States got ridiculous, I still shop on ebay but not for big heavy items unless they are in Canada or the shipping costs are reasonable.  Tonight I bought two pairs of jeans (on clearance for $29 each) and some shoes (on clearance for $19 size 12) from Long Tall Sally plus the shipping was only $10.00 and I was able to pay through Paypal.  Some online stores offer free shipping like Chapters Indigo if you spend over a set amount, and some of their clearance items are fantastic prices. Everyday I am discovering new online stores and the stuff they sell is amazing and would suit anyone's tastes. 
This Christmas I know I will once again enjoy shopping and buying gifts for our family and friends.  I will also enjoy wrapping the gifts and having lots of presents under the tree instead of on it.  I am saving the gift cards only for those that I have to mail a gift to.

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