Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Its been awhile

It has been awhile since I last posted a blog..  We had a rough spring and summer with my husband ending up in the hospital for 2 months and recovering at home for the summer.  I now have some free time to dedicate to my blog and look forward to getting back to it.

Today I want to start getting into the Christmas spirit with it being just over a month away, I have seen a lot of websites, twitter, and facebook pages with great ideas and inpirations for gifts etc... already.  I noticed one about the 40 best advent calendars and thought that was a good place to start, As Dec 1st is fast approaching.  I will post a link to that sight if anyone wants some great ideas to purchase or make your own.  I especially like the ones that you can reuse every year... I am thinking I would like to make a stocking one with little stockings on a clothesline and fill them with some type of treat .  Maybe combine a couple of the ideas where each stocking could contain a new decoration for a small tree to be decorated.  Not sure if I want to sew the stockings in bright Christmas colours or knit them in bright colours of wool.

The next item on my list of Christmas items to complete is my annual Christmas letter, I like to make it funny as well as informative this year with 6 kids, a wedding this past summer, 3 grandkids and another on the way we have lots of news to share.  I just have to put my comedian hat on and start writing.

Christmas shopping is always on the to do list.  This year I am hoping to get it all done before mid december I tend to get clostrophobic in the malls after that.  Every year I promise myself that I am not going to get the kids gift cards, but with varying tastes they don't always like what I think they should so inevitably someone gets a gift card or 2.  I would love to hand make all my gifts but alas the creative fairy didn't grace me with a talent for creating things by hand.  I know practice makes perfect and I did perfect the perfect mitts for big hands (as all our children being over 6' tall ) have big hands, but with 5 of them being boys they are not into hand knitted mitts to keep their fingers warm.  I promised my husband a pair without fingers to wear around the house as his circulation is not the best and being frugal our home is never toasty warm.  Now that I have grandkids the knitted mitts may be something they will wear.

That being said over the following days up until Christmas I will try to come up with some great gift ideas, deals, blogs, crafts or goodies to make that I have stumbled upon in my facebook, email, twitter or searches and I will share them with you.  One that I found today that may be of interest is Wall words, they make great gifts or a nice decor for a wall needing that little extra.  Here is the link

check it out and get some of that shopping done early.