Tuesday, November 30, 2010

To my daughter Cynthia

Tomorrow is my daughter Cynthia's 23 Birthday.  It was December 1st 1987 that my little girl came into the world and she has been a going concern ever since then.  Cynthia always had an independent streak and seemed to charge into life head on.  She learned to walk at 9 months and was forever determined to get outside, when she was two, I had to lock the front and back doors if I went to have a shower because she would be out the door and on her way to the road. A few times I was seen in only a towel running down the driveway to catch her before she hit the road, her older brother Tyler was always a big help rescuing her a few times. 
When Cynthia was four she would get up by herself at 6:00 AM on a Saturday and head outside and over to the neighbours to see if they wanted to come out to play (we got a few irate phone calls, until they got to know Cynthia).  Everyone on our block knew who Cynthia was she was always friendly and talked to everyone, even when we would go shopping she would chat with the sales clerks and tell them our life story as we were shopping or in line at the cash.  Cynthia was lucky growing up we lived close to my parents (Her Oma & Opa ) so we would visit them often.  One day when she was four she decided to ride over on her bike.  I was outside with her and turned around and she was gone, we looked all over the block for her, when I went into the house our phone was ringing it was my parents Cynthia had shown up and they wanted me to know she was OK.  Apparently she arrived with a car in tow, someone saw her riding her tricycle on the road and wanted to make sure she got to her destination OK. 
Another time we were in the mall which has 3 floors of shopping, I was looking at clothes and Cynthia and her brother Tyler were with me getting bored.  I looked up and she was gone, Tyler didn't see her go, we looked around and called her name no answer.  I went to the cosmetic counter and told them my 3 year was missing I described what she was wearing and they called security, I explained to them what had happened and what she looked like and they put out an alert.  About 15 mins later my son Tyler says look Mom.  I look out into the mall and I see Cynthia she has an umbrella in either hand and she is dancing down the mall towards us, not a care in the World, no idea that she is lost or that we are looking for her.  We found out later she had gotten on the elevator (around the corner from where I was looking at clothes), went down to the 1st floor and grabbed 2 Alfred sung umbrella's out of the stands and made her way into the Mall, in the middle of the mall she got on the elevator and made her way up to the 3rd floor and was heading down the mall towards us when we saw her.  Once again someone followed her to make sure she was safe, and I thanked them and the security. 
Cynthia has since grown up and this year 2010 she has had a year full of Celebrations.  On March 14th, Cynthia gave birth to her son (Our Grandson) Damian he was 6 weeks early and like his mother charged head on into the world.  I was so proud of her, she was as the hospital everyday feeding her son the milk she had pumped and stored for him, she was exhausted and determined her son was going to be OK, he was and still is, now he is 8 months old and her little fatman, he has big blue eyes like his Mom and strong and happy, he loves to laugh and his smile lights up a room, can't wait to see him again at Christmas his Paw and Memaw miss him terribly. 
In June, Cynthia graduated from Fanshawe College in London Ontario with a Diploma in Early Childhood Education, even though Damian came 6 weeks early she was able to finish her classes with Damian in tow and Graduate with her class, Another proud moment for my husband and I.
Tomorrow Cynthia turns 23 and this is her first Birthday as a Mom.  Cynthia Happy Birthday Sweetheart !!  You are beautiful and amazing and keep just being you and charging head on into the world.  You are a wonderful mother and daughter and I hope this year all your dreams come true.

Love Laughter and Happiness   



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