Saturday, November 27, 2010

Pictures of our old home in Aylmer, Ontario

I am posting these pictures of our old home in Aylmer, Ontario.  This is the home we lived in and loved for 3 years while my husband Steve (who was seconded by the Ottawa Police) taught PVO (Police Vehicle Operations) at the Ontario Police College.  My first job in Aylmer was working as a part-time dispatcher for the Aylmer Police, I then worked as the Office Manager for the Aylmer & District Museum.  My last position in Aylmer was as a clerk at The Ontario Police College where I worked with 2 wonderful ladies Joanne and Georgina in the store (tuck shop).  My husband joined the Aylmer Kinsmen which he enjoyed immensely and was given the honour of being Santa in the Aylmer Santa Clause parade the last year we were there.  Our home was also a featured home in the Museum's annual Christmas tour of homes a huge fundraiser for the museum every year.  With Christmas coming and knowing the Aylmer Santa Clause parade was this weekend I thought this would be a great blog to remember our beautiful home and the wonderful people of Aylmer, Ontario (home of the original Aylmer food canning plant and Carnation milk).  Enjoy !!

Our old home in Aylmer Ontario

East side of house


Front hall & Stained glass my father made
Front Stairs

Back maid staircase


Den and door to downstairs bathroom


Dinning room and back door

Dinning room

Front room and side door

Front room

Kitchen 1

Kitchen 2

Kitchen 3

Kitchen 4

Living room with stined glass my father made

Living room

Upstairs hall
Upstairs landing
Master bedroom 1

Master bedroom 2

Master bedroom 3

master bedroom 4

Maxx's room 1

Maxx's room 2

Maxx's room 3

Maxx's room 4

Maxx's room 5

Cynthia's princess room 1

Cynthia's Princess room 2

Cynthia's Princess room 3

Bunkbed room 1

Bunkbed room 2

Bunkbed room 3
upstairs bathroom 1

Upstairs bathroom 2

Upstairs bathroom 3

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  1. What a gorgeous home and so lovingly kept clean and beautiful. I enjoyed all of the photos.