Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Building of the Perfect 108 sq ft Cottage Bunkie

I turned 50 years old on December 29th 2012.  For my 50th Birthday my parents gave me $1000.00 towards a Cottage Bunkie, plus my fathers free labour to build it.  My father and I (mostly my father) did research on the perfect Bunkie, we toured a few other Bunkie's fellow cottagers had built, and we finally settled on the plans from Cottage life magazine, with a few modifications my father made to accommodate the fact I am 6' tall and wanted to be able to stand up on the 2nd floor loft.  Here is the progression of the building from June 2013 until finished October 2013.  Enjoy !!  The total cost was approx $2500.00 and the results are amazing.  The biggest Thank you goes to my Father Bill Hindson who spent the whole summer building, most of the time on his own, every once and awhile he got help from my Mom, Norma Hindson, my son Tyler Hindson, my brother Dan Hindson, my sister Sue Mckean, and Me of course.