Monday, September 22, 2014

Recovering of the Patio chairs in new fabric.

The chair seat and backs have been recovered.  It was an interesting project made a lot easier with the use of my sister in laws electric staple gun.  I cut four 25" x 26" pieces of fabric for the seats, then I cut a large cardboard circle to cover the material ends and staples.  I then cut four 18" x 13" squares to cover the seat backs, I also cut four 17" x 11" squares to cover the piece that covers the material ends (on the seat would be the cardboard) but since you can see the back of the seat back I had to add another material section.  Then my husband and I re screwed the seats and the backs onto the already painted cast iron chairs.  Voila the finished product.  I will get my husband to get a picture of the actual set, with glass topped table and four chairs once he has it set up in Georgia.  Keeping fingers crossed it makes the trip safely on Wednesday (and my husband too).

                    From this                      to                       This

Top of seat cover

Cardboard circle stapled on bottom to cover material ends

Front of seat backing

Back of seat backing with extra material backing to cover material ends

Completed set of four

The front of the chairs
 Picture from above

 Picture from side

 Picture from back

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