Friday, September 19, 2014

Painting of the Free Patio set

Since my husband is heading to our newly painted (Bright yellow) home in Georgia on Wednesday (September 24th 2014) I thought I better get this set (4 cast iron chairs and a glass top cast iron table) painted and cushions recovered so he can pack them in the truck for the trip.  We chose a red claret spray paint and I think I am in love with the colour (it should look great outside against the bright yellow).  I haven't chosen which material I will use to cover the chairs yet.  I like the burgundy plaid, but not sure if I have enough.  The red and white checkered I have a lot of  (4 large Ikea cloth shower curtains I got for $1.00 each). I discovered another bolt of material and there is just enough it may be the one (like the fruits and flowers). I am hoping to get them done this weekend (borrowing my sister-in-laws electric staple gun) and keeping my fingers crossed all goes well.  Results to follow ....

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